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Tea Ceremony at WKO Exporttag 2024 in Vienna

18th June 2024

Invited by WKO (Austrian Economic Chamber), we conducted a Japanese culture workshop (tea ceremony) at Exporttag 2024, the largest economic event in Austria, held in Vienna.


In the courtyard of the modern WKO building, an innovative tea ceremony room "HETEROTOPIA" was set.  It was designed by the students of the Vienna University of Technology(TU Wien), who learned about Japanese tea rooms.  The participants were given the opportunity to learn about tea ceremony by Machiko Hoshina of ROIP and they cold iced matcha were served by Hoshina's students studying tea ceremony in English. Participants enjoyed iced matcha on an exceptionally hot June weather.

The concept of the workshop attracted many Austrians as a chance to learn about the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and its deep spirituality that it was fully booked before the registration began.

The WKO's event manager commented, "This was the most popular workshop of the day. We were surprised to see so many VIPs signing up for the workshop. Mr. Ohtaka, Minister of the Embassy of Japan in Vienna, also visited the event and gave a speech.


The event also served as a promotion for the Osaka Expo 2025, and visitors were given the opportunity to learn more about the Old Imari porcelain shards collection at Loosdorf Castle.


Sponsored by: All Nippon Airways (ANA)
Special thanks: Cha No Ma Wien

Photos: © Nadine Studeny © AdvantageAustria

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