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This project has its roots in a tea ceremony hosted by the Project Founder Machiko Hoshina, in the autumn 2015 which was held at the residence of Austrian Ambassador in Tokyo . It was specially prepared for the owner of Loosdorf Castle, Mr. and Mrs. Piatti when they visited Japan for the first time.

During the tea ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Piatti enjoyed the hospitality of the Chano-yu spirit that includes the joy of admiring tea utensils, and mentioned about the bunch of shards, some of them “Japanese”, are inherited for generations and are still exhibited in the Castle that are open to the public but not known widely.

That was the moment how the whole story began and we have established the project. 

In this project, we apply academic research of the shards, also from historical aspects, and to restore some of them back to its original beauty, so as to give respects and thoughts upon all who were involved. 

Our main aim is to hold exhibitions in Japan and also in Austria to tell the whole dramatic story of the footage of the porcelains.

In 2019, Japan and Austria celebrated the 150 years’ friendship, and our project is supported and accepted by the Austrian Cultural Forum of Austrian Embassy in Japan and recognized as commemorating event.

We regard those shards as the symbol of peace and friendship and we would like to contribute to promoting further friendship between Japan and Austria. We hope to pass over this symbol of peace to our children and generations ahead.

It would be our greatest pleasure if you could support us by making donations or by sharing the story with your family and friends who wish to save the historical evidence for the peace keeping purpose.

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