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Name: ROIP Japan Association, Inc.

Establishment: January 2019

Founder & Representative:

Machiko Hoshina (Professor of Urasenke Tea Tradition)


So Shimada (CEO of Tobu Chemical Co., Ltd.)



Saiu Minagawa (Shihan-Master of Calligraphy)



Masaaki Hoshina (13th Head of the former Daimyo Hoshina Family)


TEL: +81 (0)90 8024 2033



We aim for peace and cultural activities by conveying the history and the tragedic story of the old porcelain shards which have been kept in the castle in Loosdorf in Austria as the war heritages.


A vast collection of ceramic shards have been kept in Loosdorf Castle for over 70 years, which were vandalized during the WWII. We coordinate and support the academic research on how Japanese and Chinese porcelain exported to Europe after the latter half of the 17th century were accepted there and how they impacted on European porcelains. Some of the shards are to be restored and the exhibitions will be held to present the research and restoring results. We support cooperation between Japanese and Austrian researchers, restorers and artists in order to promote further friendship between Japan and Austria.

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