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What is Old Imari?

The first porcelain produced in Japan. It is a historical and artistic ceramic that has been baked in the Hizen country area (present Arita Town, Saga Prefecture) shipped mainly from Imari Port as an export. Loved by European royals and aristocrats, their residents are decorated in a luxurious manner as

furnishings, and even today, there are enthusiastic Old Imari collectors around the world

In addition to the Old Imari collections, presumably exported from Japan 300 years ago, some other valuable ceramics such as Jingdezhen from China, Meissen from Germany, and Vienna Porcelain Manufactory (early Augarten) were found in the Loosdorf Castle. The collection is recognized historically valuable that we may see the strong influence of the Old Imari of Japan over the Western ceramics. Even they were destroyed during the WWII, the Piatti family has kept them safe and unchanged until today, so as not to forget the tragedy.

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