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【Press release】

22 July, 2019

"The Old Imari Porcelains in Loosdorf Castle were introduced at the luncheon of the G20 Osaka Summit Spouse Program"

The Old Imari Porcelains in Loosdorf Castle near Vienna, Austria, that were hidden as shards were introduced at the luncheon on the second day of the G20 Osaka Summit Spouse Program held on

June 29th, 2019 .

Spouse Program Luncheon was hosted by Mrs. Akie Abe, the First Lady of Japan, who invited spouses of the leaders of each country and international organizations on the second day of the G20 Osaka Summit. The general producer is the 4th generation of Omori Kaigan Matsunozushi, Mr. Yoshinori Tezuka and the

coordinator was Ms. Mariko Kamimori, a Managing Director of Japan Traditional Culture Lab. Co., LTD.

Exclusive sushi counter was prepared for the occasion at Osaka Prefectural Government Office and sushi was served to the guests by Mr. Tezuka with his convincing speech of how it represents Japan's food culture.

"The sushi counter is the center of Japanese culture itself" says Mr.Tezuka in his presentation as he introduces Old Imari plate which was restored by highly technical craftsman that through a voluntary project,  Reviving Old Imari Porcelains at Loosdorf Castle, Austria (ROIP), launched in Japan early this year. Mr.Tezuka explained that ROIP recognizes the restored plate as the symbol of peace. The guests eagerly listened to the story behind them and looked at the beautiful plate in amaze.

Loosdorf Castle has been witnessing the conflicts of Central Europe for over 1000 years. The Old Imari plate introduced here has been kept broken for such a long time, but thanks to technology and people's wishes for peace, it has been restored to almost its original appearance.

This very piece has been one of many collections of the Piattis’ who became the castle lord in 1820’s

but almost everything was destroyed artificially during World War II. After some academic investigations by the professionals organized by ROIP, they found the pieces historically very valuable.

ROIP will be supporting the exhibitions to be held at Okura Shukokan Museum (Tokyo, Japan) in the autumn 2020, and engaging ourselves in activities that aims cultural exchanges and developing human resources.

So grateful to such a wonderful chances Old Imari has connected, and a wish for peace through connecting shards, connecting generations, connecting world, are our main theme in continuous devotions to the project.


29 June 2019 G20 Osaka Summit Day 2

Spouse Program Official Information

ROIP Japan Association, Inc.


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