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 The Japanese Cultural Event at Loosdorf Castle

22th June 2024

FROM PIECES TO PEACE -TEAHOUSE HETEROTOPIA  AT SCHLOSS LOOSDORF" was held at Loosdorf Castle in Austria by ROIP for the purpose of Japan-Austria cultural exchange. It was co-sponsored by Schloss Loosdorf and the Vienna University of Technology(TU Wien).

At the opening ceremony, speeches were delivered by Mrs. Kalina Piatti (the wife of Mr. Gabriel Piatti, the present owner of the castle), Mr. Ryuta Mizuuchi (the Japanese Ambassador to Austria),  P

rofessor Iris Mach(TU Wien), and Machiko Hoshina(the representative of ROIP). Mrs. Mizuuchi, Mr. and Mrs. Zimburg(a former Austrian Ambassador to Japan), and Mr. Atsushi Kaifu(EU Ambassador to Japan )  were also in attendance. 

Following the opening ceremony, Hoshina gave a demonstration of the tea ceremony in the courtyard using the tearoom "HETEROTOPIA". 

"HETEROTOPIA"  is an innovative tea room designed by students of Prof. Iris Mach of the TU Wien, who studied Japanese tea houses and the story of the Old IMARI porcelain shards at Loosdorf Castle. 


Ten volunteers studying tea ceremony in English under Hoshina served iced matcha to the visitors. Although it was as hot as a midsummer's day, the cool hospitality of the participants dressed in kimono was well received by the visitors, who commented that they learned a new charm of the matcha.


In the outer garden, Kyudo, the Japanese archery demonstration and hands-on session were held by Mr. So Shimada, a Kyudo player and board member of ROIP with the cooperation of a Viennese Archery Organization. Visitors had a great time experiencing Kyudo, most of them for the first time.


​A Japanese calligraphy workshop by Saiu Minagawa, who teaches calligraphy in Berlin, was also held inside the castle.  Most of the participants held brushes for the first time, and they enjoyed writing characters as well as learning the history of the letters.


A castle tour the visitors was also held by the Piattis' and entering the "Shards Room" completely took their breath away and for awhile, they were lost in thoughts for the meaning of the peace through destruction.


On the day of the event, about 100 people came from Vienna, Loosdorf and other surrounding areas, also from Japan. It was a large scale  international exchanged event, which were accepted by the guests with an enthusiasm, massive interest and understanding towards the Japanese culture which were derived through the shards collection of the Loosdorf Castle.


We hope that this event will lead to even larger projects in Austria.


Cooperated by: Loosdorf Castle, TU Wien
Supported by: Japanese Embassy in Austria, Embassy of Austria in Japan
Sponsored by: All Nippon Airways (ANA)
Subsidized by: THE TOKYO CLUB
​Special thanks: Cha No Ma Wien and others

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